The NEW Sealing Wax

The NEW Sealing Wax – for use with a Glue Gun Applicator

Wax seal in a letter, Fonseca Padilla Family Coat of Arms, Jalisco, México.

With the current modern age, sealing wax has been adapted for use with a commonly used craft tool, the Glue Gun.  The ability to heat sealing wax without a flame gives the use of sealing wax a new dimension, and more versatility.   This new formula wax is more durable than previous waxes and maintains seal shape and image through postal mail.

A low temperature or dual temperature glue gun is recommended.  Before inserting the specially formed and sized sealing wax cylinders, allow the heat gun to warm.   Use two wax sticks together: one to melt and apply the wax, one to anchor and push forward in the heat gun.  Pull the heat applicator’s trigger a couple of times to settle the cylinders into place.  Release a circular pool of hot sealing wax about the size of your seal.

Let the pool of wax cool for a just split second.   Before applying the seal to the wax, rub an ice cube, pigment based ink, or a dash of cooking oil on the face of the seal.  Doing this will cool the metal as the seal tends to absorb the heat from the wax.

When the wax cools, the oil, ice or pigment ink will aid in removing the seal from the wax.  Let the seal sit on the wax until the wax cools, and then either lift or rock the seal away from the wax.

Always use the metal stand which comes with the heat gun, to rest it when not in use.

Practice – you will develop your own personal technique as you create each seal.

You will add elegance to your invitations, correspondence, gift wrap, and more, by using your personal monogram, family crest, and custom artwork on a wax seal!

Visit for your own custom wax seals, specially created wax colors, dual temperature heat gun applicators, matching image embossers, and handmade Italian stationery.

Enhance your writing world!


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